Friday, December 19, 2014

The Fugue - OuUnPo Research Session XIV STOCKHOLM | 4-8 FEBRUARY 2015

The European artistic network OuUnPo invites you to the Fugue, a festival in cooperation with Swedish artists, researchers and institutions. The events move across the city of Stockholm and each day a series of actions, talks, screenings, workshops and performances will take place in different venues and locations across the urban area and its surroundings.

The Fugue is the 14th session that the group organizes. It will start a new chapter in OuUnPo’s history marking the return to Europe after ambitious sessions in Beirut (2012), Tokyo (2013) and Sao Paulo (2014). The Stockholm session will be composed as a fugue and will allow art and science to enter into a novel dialogue. The session takes its starting point in the fugue state, which is a rare psychiatric disorder that is characterized by complete but reversible amnesia. The patient will lose all traces of personal memory and identity and can last hours or several days. It is characteristic that people suffering from dissociative fugue to undertake unplanned travel or wandering during which the patient might establishment a temporary new identity.