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The Fugue - OuUnPo Research Session XIV STOCKHOLM | 4-8 FEBRUARY 2015

The European artistic network OuUnPo invites you to the Fugue, a festival in cooperation with Swedish artists, researchers and institutions. The events move across the city of Stockholm and each day a series of actions, talks, screenings, workshops and performances will take place in different venues and locations across the urban area and its surroundings.

The Fugue is the 14th session that the group organizes. It will start a new chapter in OuUnPo’s history marking the return to Europe after ambitious sessions in Beirut (2012), Tokyo (2013) and Sao Paulo (2014). The Stockholm session will be composed as a fugue and will allow art and science to enter into a novel dialogue. The session takes its starting point in the fugue state, which is a rare psychiatric disorder that is characterized by complete but reversible amnesia. The patient will lose all traces of personal memory and identity and can last hours or several days. It is characteristic that people suffering from dissociative fugue to undertake unplanned travel or wandering during which the patient might establishment a temporary new identity.

The Stockholm session will be structured as a polyphonic music formula including interventions by scientists, visual artists, musicians, philosophers, researchers and curators: Psychiatrist Predrag Petrovic will give a public lecture on the development of alternate identities in schizophrenia. Neuroscientist Stephen Whitmarsh and sound artist Jean-Louis Huhta will perform music live based on Huhta’s recorded brain waves when falling asleep. Italian artist Jacopo Miliani will be artist-in-residence at MDT and will present a dance performance in total darkness where the visitor is asked to use their mobile phones to light the performers. Music psychologist and neuroscientist Laszlo Harmat will lecture on the parallels between the fuga and the organization of the brain, followed by a musical performance of a Bach fugue. Natasha Rosling will together with Olav Westphalen give master classes at Kungliga Konsthögskolan along with many, many more events. Each event is freestanding and self-contained so that a visitor can choose to attend a single activity, a whole day or the entire session.

The festival creates a collage of events as it moves across the city. The participation of local contributors, spaces, institutions and audiences will offer opportunities for new alliances and generate unexpected and novel constellations. The group will investigate institutions and collections in an reflective manner but while also seeking out situations for interesting challenges as well as other forms of interventions. OuUnPo invites you on a journey through well-known places, where identities can be dissolved and merged only to re-appear to give new light to age-old problems.

The session is curated by Stephen Whitmarsh with Eléna Nemkova, along with curatorial assistance by Susanne Ewerlöf.


Professor Elias Arnér, Yane Calovski, Cecilia Canziani, Susanne Ewerlöf, Sara Giannini, Dr. Laszlo Harmat, Jean-Louis Huhta, Per Hüttner, Dr. Pieter Lemmens, Vilma Luostarinen, Jacopo Miliani, Sachi Miyachi, Eléna Nemkova, Marco Pasi, Dr. Predrag Petrovic, Natasha Rosling, Vinicius Spricigo, Henrik Sputnes, Claudia Squitieri, Samon Takahashi, Fatos Ustek, Olav Westphalen, Stephen Whitmarsh,


Bonniers konsthall, IASPIS, Index Foundation, Hallwylska Museet, Karolinska Institutet, Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm Italian Cultural Institute, Naïvité and more TBC.

OuUnPo is a part of Vision Forum and supported by Creed. The events are organised with Curatorial Mutiny and supported by Linköpings universitet, Kulturbryggan, Stockholms läns landsting, Stockholms stad, Statens kulturråd, Kungliga konsthögskolan and IASPIS.

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